Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mari Mandi Sauna

How it Works

Far infrared rays are also called vital rays because of its regenerative effects on the body. "Resonant absorption?is the phenomenon of the body reaching its fullest healing response to the external production of far infrared energy. Tissues needing repair selectively absorb the rays while the remaining rays pass on harmlessly.

The following are just some of the generally-accepted therapeutic effects of far infrared heat (from Therapeutic Heat & Cold,4th Ed., edited by J. Lehmann, M.D. & W. Wilkins):

  • Collagen tissues increase in extensibility needed for repair & recovery of injuries involving ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, fasciae & synovium;
  • Joint stiffness decrease in thickened connective tissues for greater flexibility and full range of muscular motion;
  • Muscle spasms are relieved with the heating of muscle fibers;
  • Pain is relieved through increased endorphin production & dilation of blood vessels brought about by direct heat application on tissues & nerves;
  • Blood flow is increased by inducing expansion of capillaries promoting quick muscle recovery;
  • Inflammation is arrested

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